all fille, newly seule again.
a small collection of my thoughts and things i like, as i travel through this life of mine.

Why give good manners?
I just don’t matter
Out a mile, out a mile

I dream about his dreams.
I’ve been making things all week for people that matter. Just thought I would dwell on the things I crumpled up for a minute. It’s just so weird, making things. They have life for a moment but depending on what you associate with it, emotionally, aesthetically; you just let it go. You don’t let drafts become such a part of you. Part of my creative process before was never making drafts. I wouldn’t sleep for a week, I would just purge one thing from myself into a form. Profs always hated that, I never had any work to show how I got there, it was all in my head. Being able to finally make drafts and critique myself to be better is teaching me a lot about other aspects of my life as well. 
Feels good man.

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