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a small collection of my thoughts and things i like, as i travel through this life of mine.
"Horror. The spiral birth factory, stepped terraces of the hatching cells, blind jaws of the unborn moving ceaselessly, the staged progress from egg to larva, near-wasp, wasp. In his mind’s eye, a kind of time-lapse photography took place revealing the thing as the biological equivalent of a machine gun, hideous in its perfection. Alien."
William Gibson, Neuromancer
tonight got religious at the devil’s punchbowl. @serbourbon


So these are my paintings of 13 of the Columbine victims. The only reason Eric and Dylan are left out is because I didn’t finish theirs, but I will tomorrow and then upload them because to me they are victims too.

R.I.P. (from left to right) Dave Sanders, Kelly Fleming, Kyle Velasquez, Steve Curnow, Daniel Mauser, Daniel Rohrbough, John Tomlin, Rachel Scott, Lauren Townsend, Cassie Bernall, Matt Kechter, Corey DePooter and Isaiah Shoels

You will never be forgotten.

I’m on to you Armitage..
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