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Marina Abramovic: The Arist is Present is a documentary you MUST see if you have any interest in art whatsoever. Even though I wasn’t able to experience her newest piece, this film did an exceptional job at translating the emotion, mood, and intensity that is Marina. If you haven’t heard of her before, it is my great suggestion that you Google and Youtube some of her pieces, especially those with Uwe “Ulay” Laysiepen, as those would probably be most accessible to those who aren’t very familiar with performance art. The ideas behind her pieces are simple, yet cut to the core of who we are. They force us to look in the proverbial mirror, and challenge us to keep our own gaze. Hell, throw that Google search out the window and just go and see this film! Since this exhibit also featured recreations of several of her most famous works, you’ll be able to tap into some of the visual experience that is hard to come by online. I’ve heard time and time again that Marina is terrible to work with, but seeing her process (at least some of it), helps us to better understand the true labour of her art. And her art, helps us better understand ourselves.

Watch the trailer here.


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